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Week 7

Is Stress Causing Your Weight Gain?

Stress causes belly fat that will not disappear through eating less and exercising more. Learn strategies to lower your stress levels every day.

Track your results – Measurements/Pictures/Weight.

Ways To Bring Down Stress Every Day / Lower Cortisol

1: Sleep is crucial – 8 hours consistently then make sleep a priority – Have you tried magnesium? 600 – 800mg.

2: Morning routine – Wake up with an old fashioned alarm clock- not an iPhone/ Water with Himalayan Salt/ 10minutes HIIT for mood elevation, self esteem & confidence.

3: Have you tried REFLEXOLOGY? – ask about the hormonal balancing routine.

4: Are you still drinking coffee ? This will give you a cortisol spike.

5: An evening bath with Epsom salts.

6: Changing your routine/ environment.

7: Stop screen time by 8pm.

8: Have you tried simple meditation? Try 10minutes a day.

9: Journalling.

10: Taking time out for walks and getting outdoors.

11: Food and meal prepped so by the evening when you have decision fatigue your meals are already prepared and ready.

12: Shoot for 3 litres of water per day.

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