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Hi There,

I’m Karenza Shilton

I love my job. Why? Because I am helping people to make a difference with their life style choices. Improving their health, levels of fitness and wellbeing,

How do I do it? I give people the confidence to make life style changes, which not only help them achieve weight loss through healthy eating, but also give them a community and mutual support group. Improved confidence enables members to take part in exercise classes, when the daunting prospect of a gym is too much.

I hold a level 3 Pilates quailification, so you can be sure I am fully trained and insured to help you with all your fitness needs.

I can help make a difference to your life. My members join our happy and supportive community, and with their commitment, I not only help them reach their fitness and weight loss goals, but surpass them.

Once you’ve joined our classes, you become part of something special. You will be made to feel welcome from day one, and within 6 weeks you will see a difference in not only your weight loss but also in your confidence, level of fitness and most importantly your health.

Make the change now!
Come and join our welcoming group!
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