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Week 3

Sugar Cravings & Midsection Weight Gain: How to Stop It

Are you a sugar addict?

Understanding cravings and what to do when you experience them is key for your long term success. This talk looks at the various nutrients you may need to consume more of and understand various hormonal imbalances that lead to sugar cravings.

How To Personalise Your Plan for Week 3

Thanks for your results.

As you are moving into WEEK 3 I’d like you to personalise your approach and create a more scientific approach. 

We need to make sure your numbers work – but you will need to experiment and see how you recover after training and try different carb sources. – i.e. do you feel better on rice/sweet potatoes/root veg – or mix them up?

Please use the calculator and workout out your TDEE and input that into My FITNESS PAL and then make sure every day you eat in a deficit.

How much of a calorie deficit is up to you. 

Anywhere between 500 and 100 calories LESS

Now if you “Go OFF PISTE” as it where don’t worry add it into your daily calories.

In an ideal scenario continue to eat from the shopping lists and ensure you eat your total daily protein (2g of protein per 1kg of body weight) then the rest of your calories you can make them up as you feel –

If you are heavy training for an event add more carbohydrate – Gluten free oats/rice/potatoes/root veg etc on less intense training days lower your carbs a little and add more fats.

If you are looking for a more maintenance and health eat your TDEE amount but focus on the quality of the food

Let me know if this seems complicated or you can work it out and understand it.

It’s important YOU choose the foods you want to eat and if you can stay working from the shopping list and eat the maximum amount of protein each day with some trial and error on carbs and fats.

This is evidence based  way you can understand how you can personalise your food and nutrition.

Its helpful if you post in the group with how you are feeling /energy levels/mood – the more you can tell me on a daily basis the more specific changes and tweaks I can suggest for week 4.

Again, log your meals in my Fitness Pal and post your food pictures in the group. The more information you share, the more I can help you.

Week 3 Journaling Challenge
Sugar Cravings
Workout- Lower Body & Abs
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