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Week 2

Understanding The Role Hormones Play In Health and Weight Loss.

For your Food this week repeat the Sprinter 7 day programme.

Week 3 you will get a personalised plan and we will introduce tracking.

Please download MYFITNESS PAL from the app store.

Keep a food diary this week – post it in the group or write down your food and drink.

Do you find that losing weight in certain areas seems impossible?

Mid section weight gain and weight around the hips and thighs is due to hormonal imbalances.

This talk will help you understand how to tweak your diet and balance the hormones that are causing these imbalances.

Please ensure you

  • Record Your Food in My Fitness Pal

  • Daily Workout.

  • 2 litres of Water.

  • Get your 10k Steps in.

  • Make an effort to reduce stress.

Please post in the group so I can see how you are doing.

Week 2 Stress Challenge
Workout- Fitness Pilates

Hormonal Profiles and Body Types

There is a very commonly believed myth about weight loss — that the sole reason for slow weight loss is because you eat too much and don’t exercise enough.

The truth, though, is that weight loss is all about hormones and metabolism. Hormones control metabolism, and metabolism determines how fast you are able to burn fat off of your body.

There are four body types or shapes, and each is associated with a particular hormone-producing organ.

Adrenal Type

Someone with a sagging belly has an adrenal type of body. The adrenal gland sits on top of the kidneys, and its purpose is to help you cope and deal with stress.

The adrenal gland produces the hormone cortisol. When there’s too much cortisol, the body tells the fat to go in and around your belly. That’s because you have vital organs in your belly — liver, kidney, pancreas — and your body under stress uses fat as the main fuel source to keep these organs alive.

Ovary/Oestrogen Type

Someone who has weight on their hips, thighs and a stomach pouch — is an ovary / oestrogen body type. Ovaries can make oestrogen, and oestrogen creates a lining of fat as cellulite and deposits it around the pelvis.

This type has problems associated with the menstrual cycle. In menopause, the ovary type can turn into the adrenal type.

Liver Type

Someone who has a pot belly has a liver type of body. The liver leaks fluid into a sack around the belly, causing the belly to protrude.

Thyroid Type

Someone with fat distributed equally all over their body is a thyroid type. The thyroid gland controls every cell in the body and regulates metabolic rate.

Obesity is the result of an unhealthy body, not the cause of it. You have to get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy.

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