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Here at Karenza Fitness 


As a level 3 trained Pilates instructor I have long recognised the benefits of Pilates and I would love to pass these benefits on to you....

Pilates will help to strengthen your back and core, Improve your flexibility, balance, and posture. Help you to move more easily and ease pain.


With any form of Cardio/Hiit/Aerobics  you get a little out of breath and a little bit hot and sweaty. It has many benefits the main ones being that it helps reduce your risk of heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

It makes you feel good, and can even provide temporary relief from depression and anxiety. Cardio can even help you sleep better and reduce stress levels

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What will you get with Karenza Fitness

​in addition to our Community based classes you get

  • Live scheduled exercise via our closed facebook group

  • Pre-recorded exercise videos to access 24/7

  • General health and fitness support

  • Regular Newsletter with help topics and a recipe

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Here is what our clients say about us.

Meet Sarah

Meet Liz

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