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29 May 2017

Annie For KS fitness

With your breakfast on the cereals, in the first cup of tea and lots more, milk is part of our daily diet and there are now a huge increase in the amount of varieties not only cow’s milk that is on offer.

All claim to have different health benefits – what is true and wh...

22 May 2017

Annie For KS fitness

The Menopause

Some of you may have already experienced it, some are going through it now, and some have it to come,

But what exactly is the Menopause and how can we help ourselves?

Most women dread the word menopause. In reality it affects women in completely different wa...

15 May 2017

Annie For KS fitness

7 reasons your diet fails

1 – Eating calorie full foods.

There are some ingredients that look really healthy, but in actual fact are full of calories, things like pasta sauces or ready meals, and in particular takeaways – Not seeing the cooking process means you can’t be...

8 May 2017

Annie For KS fitness

Eggstatic over eggs

How do you like your eggs cooked, for me there is nothing better than a lovely soft boiled egg with some multigrain bread cut into the obligatory soldiers to dip into those golden yellow yolks, just a little salt and black pepper is heaven for me.


1 May 2017

Annie For KS fitness

How to be a Healthy cook?

Acrylamide – the carcinogenic chemical you create when cooking at home

Over cooking your food can cause cancer – we should be aiming for a light golden brown or lighter when grilling, toasting, frying baking or roasting starchy foods like potato...

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September 25, 2017

September 11, 2017